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Sample Baskets

Sample Basket

  • Assorted baskets of seasonal and staple vegetables, delivered to your home within hours of harvest. This will help you appreciate our quality produce and give you a sample of what you can expect when you subscribe to a Kosara's Vegetable Baskets.
  • Our Current Vegetables are as follows: -
    1. Potato Large
    2. Onion
    3. Potato small
    4. Mint
    5. Brinjal round
    6. Sponge gourd
    7. Bottle gourd long
    8. Red Amarantha/Lal Cholayee
    9. Chilli
    10. Green Amartha/Hari Cholayee
    11. Bitter gourd
    12. Basil
    13. Cucumber
    14. Okra/Bhindi
    15. Brinjal long
  • Our team will make fresh vegetables basket which contain the best item from the above list.
  • OR
  • You can share your order also by selecting preferable vegetables along with the required quantity from the above vegetables list (Over all vegetables basket weight should be 6Kg) via Whatsapp on 8851210261 same will be delivered.

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    Kosara Vegetables Sample Basket(6KG)

    Rs. 750.00
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    Kosara Weekly Seasonal Vegetables Basket(5KG)

    Rs. 4,500.00
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    Kosara Weekly Seasonal Vegetables Basket(8KG)

    Rs. 6,500.00
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