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From our farm to your table: What Kosara offers

There was a time when we did not have to worry about the freshness or the source of our food. Things are different now. Although, we do not have a time machine, our farm fresh produce can definitely transport your back to a time when we enjoyed organically-grown and natural fruits and vegetables. Grown at our own farms with the right knowledge, our produce is 100% clean and fresh, how it should be!

We are delivering organic fruits and vegetables, fresh from our farms to your homes. With a team of agronomists and farmers possessing decades of collective experience, we are pioneering India’s modern food revolution.

Get the Kosara experience


Visit a Kosara farm

Take a tour of the nearest Kosara Farm and learn all about our sustainable growing practices. You can also take home a basket full of farm fresh produce.

Visit a Kosara farm

Order fresh vegetables online

Buy chemical -free and organically-grown vegetables for your family through a subscription or try a sample basket. Kosara will deliver farm fresh produce within hours of harvest.

Order fresh vegetables online

Buy the freshest and healthiest fruits

Kosara works directly with its partner farmers to bring you chemical-free and organic fruits, from farms across India and delivered to your homes.

Order fresh fruits

Know more about our sustainable growing practices and what makes us different

Our story

Sample a basket of fresh produce: Real food with real character. 100% traceable produce


You can order farm fresh, seasonal vegetables grown at Kosara Farms. What we do not grow, we source from our hand-picked partner farms.

Not sure about taking an entire month’s subscription? Try a sample basket. We are sure you will love it and come back for more.

Order your sample basket

Organic produce delivered to your door: How to start a subscription

We offer Kosara Subscription boxes for weekly and bi-weekly deliveries. These are filled with our best, in-season produce. Choose what goes into your box every week. You can also pause the subscription from time-to-time.

Select your basket and delivery frequency

Take your pick from different sized, farm fresh vegetable baskets and choose the number of deliveries per week that you would like.

Subscribe To Kosara

Choose your subscription duration and start eating right

Choose the number of weeks for your subscription and start receiving deliveries. Use our weekly WhatsApp/SMS link to choose the vegetables that go into your basket.

Subscribe To Kosara

Pause your subscription when you like

Pause your subscription when you are travelling or unable to take a delivery, Kosara will extend your subscription period, accordingly.

Subscribe To Kosara

The Kosara advantage

We practice sustainable agriculture, use chemical-free inputs, and undertake healthy crop rotation to ensure Kosara’s farms remain fertile and productive. We are working with partner farms that have decades of experience in growing organically and uphold the highest standards of sustainable growing. Our produce is grown using the perfect blend of age-old wisdom and new-age technologies.

We are organic and sustainable to our roots! Visit our nearest farm and make a day out of it. You can even take home a basket of the freshest produce.

Visit a Kosara farm

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