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Vegetable Subscriptions

Organic Vegetable Subscription from Kosara

It's like Netflix for your health! Freshly harvested produce from our local farms to your table.

  • Get weekly or bi-weekly vegetable deliveries depending upon your consumption needs.
  • Choose from over 31 seasonal staple and exotic vegetable varieties and customize your order via our weekly WhatsApp or SMS link before each harvest.
  • Improve your family's health by eating organic, chemical-residue free vegetables that reach your door within hours of harvest.
  • Call us at +919958588049 for any queries.
  • We deliver across Delhi NCR!
  • Our Current Vegetables are as follows:-
    1. Potato Large
    2. Onion
    3. Potato small
    4. Mint
    5. Brinjal round
    6. Sponge gourd
    7. Bottle gourd long
    8. Red Amarantha/Lal Cholayee
    9. Chilli
    10. Green Amartha/Hari Cholayee
    11. Bitter gourd
    12. Basil
    13. Cucumber
    14. Okra/Bhindi
    15. Brinjal long

    Do try our Sample Basket to feel the difference premium organic and chemical-free produce can make to your meals.
  • PS: We got featured on @foodtalkindia

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    Kosara Vegetables Sample Basket(6KG)

    Rs. 750.00
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    Kosara Weekly Seasonal Vegetables Basket(5KG)

    Rs. 4,500.00
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    Kosara Weekly Seasonal Vegetables Basket(8KG)

    Rs. 6,500.00
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