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Vegetable Subscriptions

Organic Vegetable Subscription from Kosara

It's like Netflix for your health! Freshly harvested produce from our local farms to your table.

  • Get weekly or bi-weekly vegetable deliveries depending upon your consumption needs.
  • Choose from wide range of seasonal staple and exotic vegetable varieties and customize your order via our weekly WhatsApp or SMS link before each harvest.
  • Improve your family's health by eating organic, chemical-residue free vegetables that reach your door within hours of harvest.
  • Call us at +919958588049 for any queries.
  • We deliver across Delhi NCR!
  • Our Current Vegetables are as follows: -
    1 Potato Large
    2 Onion
    3 Potato small
    4 Mint
    5 Brinjal round
    6 Kale
    7 Bottle gourd long
    8 Cucumber
    9 Chilli
    10 Rocket
    11 Chaina cabbage
    12 Pok choi
    13 Cucumber
    14 Radish
    15 Spinach
    16 Patwa saag
    17 Sarson saag
    18 Knol khol
    19 Lettuce

    Do try our Sample Basket to feel the difference premium organic and chemical-free produce can make to your meals.
  • PS: We got featured on @foodtalkindia

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    Kosara Vegetables Sample Basket(6KG)

    Rs. 750.00
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    Kosara Weekly Seasonal Vegetables Basket(5KG)

    Rs. 7,800.00
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    Kosara Weekly Seasonal Vegetables Basket(8KG)

    Rs. 9,600.00
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