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Greetings from Kosara

The foundation of Kosara is built on how food should be: fresh and clean. With a mission of helping our customers take back control over what they consume, we help them understand exactly where it is coming from and what goes into it.

We are a source of healthy, organic and farm fresh vegetables and fruits. We deliver them to your homes directly from our farms. We grow most of the produce on our own farms and have partnered with other farmers so that you can buy the best fruits and vegetables online.

Visit The Farm
Visit The Farm

Prevailing problems

A lot of the vegetables and fruits are grown or treated using unethical means and practices. The use of GMO seeds, chemical inputs at the farm and unethical post-harvest treatment and ripening methods have become a common practice. This can be harmful to consumers as well as our planet.

However, the post-Covid world is more aware. They are looking for healthier and more traceable food sources to build their immunity and generally eat better. This is why knowing more about your food and where it comes from is important.

Kosara : The solution

There is nothing better than eating clean and tasting fruits and vegetables at the peak of their freshness. Here is what makes Kosara a great choice.


Our produce is chemical free and organic

The produce is grown how it should be – naturally and clean. There are no harmful chemicals and our commitment is tied to delivering nothing but healthy and nutritious produce.


No GMO, no artificial ripening

Our quality-backed foods are 100% natural. This means that we do not use genetically modified (GMO) seeds or employ any artificial methods for ripening our produce.


Know where your food comes from

Our aim is to ensure complete traceability of all the produce that reaches your doorstep from Kosara. While we produce as many vegetables on our farms as we can, our partner farms are handpicked to match our quality standards too.


Going green for the greens

Sustainability is at the top of our priority list. If you ever plan to visit our farms, you will see that we employ practices such as use of micro-irrigation, solar power and local inputs - keeping in tandem with renewable activities. This means that the produce that comes from our farms has been nurtured and grown using sustainable methods.

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