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  • Order fruits online with Kosara and enjoy the real flavour of your favourite fruit to its core.
  • Our fruits are sourced directly from our hand-picked partner farms across India. In most cases, the fruits are delivered to your homes within 24 - 72 hours of harvest.
  • PLEASE NOTE : Your order may take a few days to arrive and incase you order multiple fruits, they may arrive on different days. We do not store any fruits and the produce is brought from different farmers as per orders placed by our customers - hence maintaining freshness and quality.

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    Rs. 1,499.00

    Flame Seedless Grapes

    Rs. 699.00
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    Rs. 950.00
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    Indian Avocados (Fresh)

    Rs. 899.00
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    Sweet Passion Fruit

    Rs. 850.00
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    Rs. 450.00
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    Grape Fruit

    Rs. 480.00
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    Pomegranate (Anar)

    Rs. 399.00
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    Rs. 450.00
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    Chikoo (Sapota)

    Rs. 299.00
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    Healthy Fruits Basket @ INR 2699

    Rs. 2,699.00
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    Kosara Combo

    Rs. 2,298.00
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